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DryScrub Systems:


Reported Benefits Derived from DryScrub Installations:

  1. Relative to dry pumps:
    1. failures of both root blowers and dry pumps have been reduced to none in over 2 years.
    2. exhaust side manifold maintenance, caused by particle accumulation, reduced from 3 week intervals to 6 month intervals.
    3. purge gas consumption reduced.
    4. exhaust side manifold maintenance, caused by particle accumulation reduced.


  1. Process Benefits:
    1. process tool availability-uptime greatly improved.
    2. process reproducibility improved.
    3. particle related wafer load losses decreased.
    4. significant reduction of particle count on wafers.


  1. Other Benefits Related to DryScrub Installations:
    1. reaction and deposition of solids from SiH4 before the dry pump reduces formation of ammonium fluorosilicate compounds in the exhaust manifold, thus reducing backpressure and maintenance.
    2. predictability of, and reduced maintenance events have allowed re-direction of personnel to other support requirements.
    3. treatment of undiluted deposition proccss effluent gases results in hazardous waste reduction, consequently reducing operating costs.
    4. personnel exposure to hazardous and/or toxic wastes is reduced.


  1. Return On Investment, Statement During Interview:
    1. relative to equipment related considerations, configured with a dry pump, ROI was achieved within an acceptable period of time, even with the required 15 day electrode replacement schedule for this nitride application.
    2. ROI is achieved very quickly, relative to increased productivity in 20 hour days, 7 days a week operation.

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