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The New DryScrub® 2DH System

The 2DH System

The 2DH Electrode

DryScrub, Electrochemical Technology Corporation (ETC) are proud to present the addition of the Model 2DH to the DryScrub® Range of Plasma Scrubbers.

The newly developed DryScrub® 2DH is a more compact system which is big on performance. The new design offers many breakthroughs including, a new design of Electrode (patents pending), larger pressure operating range (as low as 37 mTorr or 5 Pa) and a space saving Chamber - only 290mm (11.4") dia..

This system offers High Performance with a large waste collection capacity, and as the electrode can be cleaned in-situ using an etch clean cycle, maintenance of the DryScrub® system can be virtually eliminated.

The combination of the new Chamber, Electrode and RF Power Supply offer a new era in wafer particle reduction, exhaust gas treatment, downstream equipment protection, health, safety and environmental protection.

Use of the DryScrub® Systems gives many Process, Maintenance and Environmental benefits.

- Our Users have already proved this.

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