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DryScrub Systems:


Reported Benefits Derived from DryScrub Installations:

  1. Relative to dry pumps:
    1. failures and rebuilds reduced from 6 in 12 months, to none in over 4 years.
    2. wafer load losses due to particle caused failures reduced from 4 per year, to none in over 4 years.
    3. exhaust side manifold maintenance, caused by particle accumulation, reduced from 3 week intervals to 6 month intervals.
    4. pump vibration and noise level is reduced to a constant decibel level during idle and processing (per OSHA "A" and "C" weighting methods).
    5. purge gas consumption reduced.


  1. Relative to oil sealed pumps, and filtration systems:
    1. no pump in-process failures in over 4 years; major pump rebuilds reduced from 3 month intervals, to scheduled minor preventative maintenance once every year.
    2. PFPE oil filter maintenance reduced by a factor of 10.
    3. PFPE fluid losses significantly reduced to make-up oil lost as a function of filter change.
    4. pump and fluid related maintenance reduced from >30 hours per month, to
    5. <3 hours per month.>
    6. exhaust side manifold maintenance, caused by PFPE oil vapour and particle accumulation reduced.
    7. purge gas consumption, and gas velocity reduced, further reducing PFPE oil vapour loss.


  1. Process Benefits:
    1. process tool availability-uptime greatly improved.
    2. process reproducibility improved.
    3. particle related wafer load losses decreased.
    4. significant reduction of particle count on wafers.


  1. Other Benefits Related to DryScrub Installations:
    1. predictability of, and reduced maintenance events have allowed re-direction of personnel to other fab requirements.
    2. treatment of undiluted deposition proccss effluent gases results in hazardous and/or toxic waste reduction, consequently reducing operating costs.
    3. personnel exposure to hazardous and/or toxic wastes is reduced.


  1. Return On Investment, Statement During Interview:
    1. relative to equipment related considerations, configured with dry or oil sealed pumps, ROI was achieved within 1 year.
    2. ROI is achieved very quickly relative to increased productivity; particularly, the reduction of just one wafer load loss more than pays for DryScrub System purchase, installation, and a year of operating costs.

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