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DryScrub, Electrochemical Technology Corporation (ETC) manufactures the patented DryScrub plasma reactor system, also known as Plasma Trap. Installed between the process chamber and vacuum pump, which in situ abates and removes harmful constituents from the effluent gases of LPCVD, PECVD, MOCVD, ALD and etching systems. This is a true point of use exhaust abatement system. It is also an in-line process tool performance enhancement system. Processes for which it is effective include deposition of silicon nitride, TEOS, PSG and BPSG oxides; doped and undoped poly and amorphous silicons; blanket metals, metal nitrides, metal oxides, and metal silicides; MOCVD metals; ALD metals; GaAs; Al etching; PH3, AsH3, and PFC gases abatements and more.

Improved Maintenance Procedures:

  • Fewer scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Significant reduction in chamber, pump and valves maintenances.
  • Reduces maintenance on both local scrubber and main scrubber.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reusable electrode is easy to clean and reinstall.

Improved Process and Equipment Operation:

  • Reduces contamination from process chamber to exhaust.
  • Reduces particle counts on wafer to enhance yield.
  • Improves run-to-run repeatability and productivity.
  • Transparent to the process. No interference with other equipment.
  • Extended life of vacuum pumps and exhaust systems.
  • Simple to install. Simple to operate.

Improved Safety and Environmental Impact:

  • Converts hazardous waste to more safely handled solids.
  • Reduces tons of waste per installation annually.
  • Minimizes personal exposure to toxic and hazardous waste.
  • Virtually eliminates toxic load on local and wet scrubbers.
  • Minimizes the chance of toxic-gas escape due to wet scrubber failure.
  • Eliminates potential for exhaust duct fires.
  • Abates PFC gases directly with more than 90% efficiency.

Improved Bottom-Line Results:

  • Modest initial cost, less than $2,000 annual operation cost.
  • Higher wafer yield and lower tool failure induced wafer losses.
  • Lower cost for maintain, repair and replacement of the tool.
  • Full return on investment within few months.
  • Protects people, tools, facility and environment.
  • Save on insurance costs

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